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Payment group: Direct Debit
Payment product id: 771

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) is the direct debit scheme for SEPA countries.
SDD allows you to debit an amount directly from your customers’ bank accounts. A SEPA mandate signed by your customer authorises you to debit this amount (or subsequent ones in the future for recurring payments). To enable transaction processing, your customers sign a mandate using a one-time password received via SMS during the actual payment flow. 

This payment method is only available via Full Service mode. Contact us to sign up for it

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Key benefits

  • Cost-effective transaction processing by integrating the SEPA mandate creation in the payment flow
  • Secure payments with limited contestation period (8 weeks instead of 13 months) for valid mandates. Using our CreditorID solution decreases the risk of chargeback/fraud even more. Contact us if you want to sign up for this service
  • Ideal for recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions, on-demand services, pay-as-you-use services) or as an alternative to credit cards by splitting large amounts in individual instalments
  • Popular European payment method for direct debit transactions