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Payment group: Gift card
Payment product id: 5600

OneyBrandedGiftCard is a gift card offered by the French acquirer Oney.

The integration is very easy, as you only have to send one additional parameter along your request. On top of that, you can personalise Limonetik’s payment page with your own logo and colour! Please contact Limonetik for more information on this.

When your customers choose this payment method, they are redirected to the Limonetik payment portal. There they have to enter the card number and the password (cryptogram) that appear on their card. They can combine several cards for a single purchase and even use their credit card for the remaining amount.

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Key benefits

  • Key benefits: No personal data shared
  • Access to gift business and potential extra sales
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Complementary payments
  • Personalised payment page