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Payment group: Prepaid
Payment product id: 5402

The unique payment method integration offers various Belgian and French meal vouchers.

Your customers can choose any of these:

Belgium France

  • Monizze (including Eco & Gift vouchers in addition to mealvouchers)
  • SodexoBE (including Eco & Gift vouchers in addition to mealvouchers)
  • PassRestaurant
  • UpChequeDejeuner
  • Swile
  • Apetiz (Bimpli)

You can offer your customers to pay full or partial amounts for an order. If you allow only a partial amount or your customers do not have enough meal voucher funds for the full amount, they can pay via Visa, MasterCard or Carte Bancaire for the remaining amount.

All of the payment methods mentioned above are combined to one payment method in the Back Office (Configuration > Payment Methods)

Optimized for:

Key benefits

  • Low PCI requirements
  • Allows refunds (for Monizze and PassRestaurant 1st generation)
  • Complementary payments possible