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In comparison to the classic integration mode, Direct requires a different approach for your software developers to link your shop to our platform.

Being a REST API, Direct allows you to link your system to our platform in different ways:

  1. Software Development Kits (SDKs): Our SDKs conveniently wrap the REST API to allow developing your own webshop software in your favourite programming language.
    We distinguish between Server SDKs and Client SDKs wrapping the Server API and the Client API respectively.

    The Server SDKs include everything to process transactions via all our integration modes (Hosted Checkout Page / Hosted Tokenization Page / Server-to-server), but you will need a Client SDK for Mobile/Client Integration

  2. Webshop plugins: Direct offers various plugins for the most popular webshop systems, with more to come. Keep an eye on our changelog for regular updates

  3. The REST API as such: The Direct REST API is also accessible by directly sending requests to individual resources, freeing you from possible dependencies (i.e. updated SDKs/plugins). Keep the following in mind when choosing this option:
    a) The authentication mechanism is different from the one the SDKs implement. Read the dedicated chapter in our Authentication guide to learn how it works
    b) Always target our latest API version to take advantage of the REST API’s full potential

Now you have laid the basic fundament to work with Direct. Check out the following chapters to learn how to perform actions you are already doing with your classic integration, such as