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This guide provides you with a general overview on 3-D secure. To learn about PSD2 and how to modify your integration accordingly, refer to the following dedicated guides:

3-D secure is an abbreviation for Three Domain Secure, which is the payment industry’s Internet Authentication Standard, but now mostly known as EMV 3DS . All major credit card brands support this standard under their own label:

  • Visa -  Visa Secure
  • MasterCard -  MasterCard Identity check
  • Diners -  ProtectBuy
  • Amex -  SafeKey

Consumer Enrollment

A one-time process the cardholder undergoes to participate in the 3D Secure scheme.


During online shopping a prompt from the card issuer appears and requests the cardholder to enter the authentication credentials . The card issuer checks the credentials and the identity of the cardholder, and provides unique authentication values  to the merchant.

Liability Shift

If  both the cardholder and the merchant are participating in the 3D Secure scheme and the transaction has been successfully authenticated, the liability of a chargeback shifts from the merchant to the cardholder’s issuing bank. This only applies for chargebacks based on a fraud reason code.

Key benefits

  • Enhance trust and confidence for your consumer’s online shopping experience 
  • Additional layer of protection against fraud 
  • Especially valuable for high transaction amounts
  • In case of a fraud chargeback reason code, the liability shifts to the card issuing bank if the obtained authentication values were used during the authorization and settlement.