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Cards Overview

Payment group: Cards (debit & credit)
Payment product id: 117

Mastercard is one of the largest card brands in the world processing transactions in 210 countries. Established in 1966 by a group of US banks as Interbank Card Association payment instrument, it got its current name 13 years later, in 1979.

Mastercard Credit

Mastercard Credit is the main card brand in the Mastercard family.

Mastercard Debit

Debit Mastercard is accepted at millions of businesses online. Its acceptance network is as global as the one of Mastercard Credit Card.


This debit card brand was introduced by Mastercard in 1992 as the world's first global online debit PIN-based card. Maestro can be either linked to consumer bank account or be a prepaid card. It has wide acceptance in the world due to the fact that it either replaced or is co-branded with domestic brands.

Mastercard SecureCode

Mastercard SecureCode is a private code for Mastercard account that gives consumers an additional layer of online shopping security, similar to Visa's 3D Secure service.

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Key benefits

  • Real time authorisation
  • Secure payments
  • Fast settlement cycle
  • International acceptance