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Payment group: Cards (debit & credit)
Payment product id: 125

Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) was established in January 1961 and two months later issued Japan's first credit card. As Japanese tourists traveled abroad, Japan's credit card companies started issuing cards with US based international brands to secure acceptance abroad. JCB was the only one to decide to establish its own global acceptance and service network. Since the beginning of its international expansion in 1981 JCB acquired over 150 mln card members in 23 countries. JCB is also in a strategic alliance with Discover Network merchants in the United States, UnionPay merchants in China, American Express merchants in Canada, and RuPay merchants in India. As of January 8, 2018 JCB USA will no longer issue JCB cards in the American market, foreign JCB cards will continue to work through the Discover network partnership.


This is a payer authentication program from JCB.

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Key benefits

  • Real time authorisation
  • Secure payments
  • Fast settlement cycle
  • International acceptance