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Payment group: Gift card
Payment product id: 5700
As Intersolve offer various brands, multiple paymentProductId exist. Find all possible values in the Integration tab

A gift card is a very popular payment method for both customers and merchants. As a popular incentive for employers and gift occasions between family members, many retailers of all sizes offer their own branded cards for safe and easy purchases.

Recent developments have shown have their appeal is growing continously: The gift card market share has increased by 7.9% during 2014-2018 and is expected to grow further at a rate of 3.6% until 2023 according to the report of NL gift cards market.

Therefore, we are happy to offer Intersolve in our payment product portfolio.
With more than 90 different gift cards and e-vouchers and a highly developed network of retail partners, Intersolve offers you a unique, flexible solution to process payments for the B2B and C2B market in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Your customers can combine several cards for a single purchase and even use credit cards, Bancontact or iDeal to complete the amount.

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Key benefits

  • Low PCI requirements (no sensitive or personal data shared)
  • Easy integration
  • Complementary payments
  • Full refunds are possible (14 days after the initial payment)