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Redirect your customers to the Limonetik payment portal via our Hosted Checkout Page. Find a high level overview in the "Process flows" chapter. 

Add the following properties to a standard CreateHostedCheckout request:

Properties Remarks


Your customer’s e-mail address




requiresApproval: Set to "false" as this payment method allows only direct sale operations 

paymentProductId: The numeric identifier of the payment method on our platform. Find this id in the "Overview" chapter. It instructs our platform to send your customers directly to the Limonetik portal. If left out, our platform sends your customers to the Hosted Checkout Page instead, allowing them to choose this or any other payment method in your account

  • Find detailed information about this object and its properties in our HostedCheckoutAPI
  • According to the European Anti-Money-Laundering Directive (ALM5), the maximum allowed amount for open loop gift card (a gift card from an issuer that several independent (online) merchants/retailers accept for purchases) transactions is 50€.
  • No action from your side is required to ensure you comply to this rule.
  • The following message is displayed on the payment page after your customers select this payment method: “Because of regulatory reasons, the charge of your giftcard is limited to 50 EUR per purchase, please use your bank card to cover the remaining amount for your purchase”. They will have to choose on the payment page an amount of up to 50€ to pay by gift card.
  • As usual, your customers will then pay any remaining amount not covered by the gift card with their credit card as before.