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Process flows

  1. Your customers finalse an order in your shop / in your app and select Google Pay™
  2. Your server sends a specific Google API call to display a list of supported payment methods in the browser / app
  3. Your customers select a payment method
  4. Your server requests a payment token from Google
  5. You send this CreatePayment request to our platform, containing the payment token in property mobilePaymentMethodSpecificInput.encryptedPaymentData
    5'(Optional for payments going through your own checkout page). If your customers use a Non-network tokenised card, you redirect the customers to their issuing bank for 3-D Secure authentication. If the identification was successful, the flow continues at step 6. If the identification was unsuccessful, we redirect your customers to your returnUrl, ending the flow
  6. Google Pay™ processes the actual financial transaction. We receive the transaction result
  7. We redirect your customer to your app /  returnUrl
  8. You request the transaction result from our platform via GetPayment or receive the result via webhooks
  9. If the transaction was successful, you can deliver the goods / services