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Payment group: Mobile
Payment product id: 320

Google Pay™ is a digital wallet for online payments offered by Google.

It is a very versatile solution, as customers can add credit/debit cards to their wallet and use them for

  • Android devices in-store and supported websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Google services

By combining the Google API with our CreatePayment API, the payment process is fast, easy and secure. Boost your conversion rate with these features:

  • Your customers simply tap on a device in stores or on a button in a mobile app
  • Google Pay™ and we manage all sensitive customer data for you 
  • A safe encryption/decryption method elevates your customers' trust in the whole payment process and significantly reduces online fraud: neither are customer details sent during the payment process nor show Browsers/devices ever unmasked card numbers

To make all this possible, Google Pay™ tokenises your customers' cards. Google Pay™ identifies two types of cards:

  • Non-network tokenised cards: standard physical credits card that require a 3-D Secure check for additional protection against fraud. This is only applicable for payments going through your own checkout page
  • Network tokenised cards: virtual card with a device-specific account number (DPAN). These kind of cards are used in place of the underlying source card. As the digital signature of the mobile device used for the payment protects these cards from fradulent use, 3-D Secure is unnecessary. This is only applicable for customers using a mobile device 

Your customers can use cards from the following brands

  • Google Pay - Visa
  • Google Pay - MasterCard
  • Google Pay - American Express

Optimized for:

Key benefits

  • Easy integration
  • No personal data shared
  • Low fraud rate


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