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Process flows

We offer this payment method for all our integration modes. Regardless of the mode you choose, the flow follows some basic steps as described below. Learn in our dedicated guides about the individual differences
  1. Your customers finalise an order in your shop and select this payment method
  2. You send a CreateHostedCheckout/CreatePayment request to our platform. Depending on your integration mode, differences apply. Check out the “Integration” chapter to find examples for each mode
  3. Our platform sends you a response with instructions for the next steps of the flow
  4. Your customers provide their credit card number and are redirected to their issuer for 3-D Secure authentication
  5. Our system receives the 3-D authentication result from the issuer
  6. We process the transaction and receive the result from the acquirer
  7. We redirect your customer to your returnUrl 
  8. You request the transaction result from our platform via GetPayment or receive the result via webhooks
  9. If the transaction was successful, you can deliver the goods / service