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We offer this payment methods for the following integration modes. Learn in our dedicated guides about their individual differences:

Find a high level overview in the "Process flows" chapter.

Hosted Checkout Page/Server-to-server

Add the following properties to a standard CreateHostedCheckout/CreatePayment request:

Properties Remarks



paymentProductId: The numeric identifier of the payment method on our platform. Find this id in the "Overview" chapter. It instructs our platform to send your customers directly to the Bizum portal. If left out, our platform sends your customers to the Hosted Checkout Page instead, allowing them to choose this or any other payment method in your account

returnURL: The URL we redirect your customers to after the payment has been finalised

requiresApproval: Set to either "true"/"false" depending on whether you want to process payments in authorisation/direct sale mode

Find detailed information about this object and its properties in our HostedCheckoutAPI/ CreatePaymentAPI