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Any request for a new transaction requires you to send data to our platform. To ease the migration effort for your, have a look at

  • The Authentication mechanism to confirm the legitimacy of your requests. It replaces the various ways of the classic platform (i.e. SHA-IN calculation, API user and password etc.),  easing your integration effort
  • This table to map classic parameters to Direct properties for all integration modes
  • Fully functional code samples for any of our SDKs
  • The properties marked as "required" in our API reference for a minimal request

    The image above shows the "order" property in the API reference marked as a required property
When processing a new transaction, mind that Direct 
  • Replaces the classic parameter OPERATION with property cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.authorizationMode for CreatePayment/CreateHostedCheckout requests ,allowing you to process new transactions as authorisations or direct sales. If you authorise payments only, make sure that you capture them later
  • Processes new transactions as authorisations and ignores the Back Office setting (Configuration > Technical information > Global transaction parameters > Default operation code). Therefore, we strongly recommend sending property cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.authorizationMode in your request