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The fundamentals of your customers' payment experience is the layout of the payment page and the redirection to your environment after the purchase. 

Adapt payment page layout

Direct allows you to greatly customise your customers’ payment experience for any of the integration modes you choose. Check out the resources at your disposal:

Redirection after purchase

Depending on the transaction result, the classic platform redirects your customers to URLs you define in parameters ACCEPTURL/DECLINEURL/EXCEPTIONURL.

Direct follows a different approach: Instead of defining separate redirection URLs for every transaction result, you define only one single redirection URL for any scenario in property redirectPaymentMethodSpecificInput.redirectionData.returnUrl for CreateHostedCheckout/CreatePayment requests.

This requires you to customise the return page at runtime by requesting the transaction result immediately after the purchase (i.e. by using webhooks or GetPayment/GetPaymentDetails). Learn more about this in the following chapter.