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Direct reduces your efforts by outsourcing most of the Back Office technical settings to the REST API or the Merchant Portal. Check out the table for a comprehensive overview:

Back Office module (Configuration > Technical information > …) Impact on Direct integration
Global transaction parameters
  • "Default operation code": Direct ignores this setting. Send property cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.authorizationMode
    in your requests instead. If undefined, our platform processes transactions as authorisations by default
  • "Payment retry": Direct ignores this setting
  • "Default data capture (payment) procedure"/"Processing for individual transactions" are still applicable for Direct transactions
Global security parameters
Data and origin verification
Direct negates these settings by implementing a different authentication mechanism
Payment page

Direct negates these settings by offering different customisation tools

Make sure to still upload Hosted Checkout Page
/ Hosted Tokenization Page templates in the Back Office via Configuration > Template
API settings Manages Direct authentication/webhooks credentials, which you can also do via the Merchant Portal
Transaction feedback Direct negates these settings by using webhooks instead
Transaction emails Not used by Direct
Test info Not used by Direct. Refer to chapter Test integration to learn how to perform tests