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Once you have set up your PSPID, you are ready for the next step – choose your Direct integration mode.

So where do you start from here? To have the smoothest transition possible, choose the Direct integration mode matching your current classical integration mode. This will also ensure that you can stick to your current PCI compliancy level.

This table will help you pick the right one. Follow the respective link to learn more about the integration mode, including payment flows and code samples:

Direct integration mode Classic integration mode counterpart
Hosted Checkout Page
Redirect your customers from your checkout page to our platform for entering sensitive payment data
Hosted Payment Page
Hosted Tokenization Page
Include an iFrame payment form hosted on our save environment in your checkout page for entering sensitive payment data
Send credit card data directly from your server to our platform
Mobile/Client Integration
Create your own app and
encrypt credit card data with our public key
This mode is a Direct-specific
feature and a key reason to migrate if you develop your own mobile apps

Are you all set? Then let us explain how you can build your integration