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We at Worldline are yearning to offer you the best online payments technology. If you are still working with our classic solution, you might want to switch to our new platform Direct. It offers state-of-the-art tools that will make your online business thrive:

Have a closer look at what is in for you and what you need to do to take advantage of Direct.

Our classic integration modes, payment methods and services will remain available until further notice

Understand Direct advantages

Moving from our classical integration layer to Direct can be considered a paradigm shift. It does involve some efforts from your side, but they will be well rewarded. We will happily support you to ensure a smooth transition!

So why switch to Direct anyway? Although we will continue supporting the classic integration layer, Direct is the future-proof solution for your business and the key to a higher conversion rate:

On top of this, Direct eases your integration/maintenance effort:

  • Use SDKs conveniently wrapping our REST API, reducing the complexity of the payment flow, especially for rolling out 3-D Secure
  • Install Plugins for all popular shopping carts
  • Apply one way of authentication and free yourself from the hassle of SHA calculations, API users/passwords, IP address checks etc
  • Delegate Back Office technical settings to our API and use the Merchant Portal as an intuitive user interface to manage your transactions
  • Keep using your existing legacy resource like Aliases or acquirer connections for payment methods available on the Direct platform

Are you up for it? Then have a look how to make the switch and how we will help you accomplish it!