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1. Introduction

A great way to get to know our service is to sign up for a test account. With a test account, you can test completely for free!

  • Try any of our payment methods
  • Process transaction with our integration modes
  • Get to learn our manifold services

and many more things right away.

As our test environment process all of your requests just like our live environment, you can

  • Simulate any scenario or use case of your everyday business
  • Optimise your customers’ payment experience with absolutely no financial impact
  • Experiment with all our platform’s features

at your own pace before you go live.

Setting up a test account is quick and easy. Just go through this page, and you are all set!

2. Create test account

To create a test account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our test creation portal
  2. Fill in all mandatory fields (marked with an "*") and click on "REGISTER"

After a few moments, you will then receive two e-mails containing

  1. A one-time password for your first login (Subject of the e-mail: "Your password for your test account TEST")
  2. The unique name of your account (the so-called "PSPID") you defined on the test creation portal in field "Choose your login name (PSPID)". Subject of the e-mail: "Confirmation of your registration as a test merchant with PSPID XXXX TEST"

The image above shows the “Choose your login name (PSPID)” field and where to find the “*” (asterisk) marking mandatory fields.

Once you have received these e-mails, it is time to set up your account!

3. Set up test account

The set up requires just a few steps:

  1. Go to our test portal and login as described here. If this the first login, you will have to change your password. Read our dedicated guide to know how to
  2. Define an API key and API secret as described here
  3. Configure webhooks as described here
  4. Activate at least one payment method of your choice via Configuration > Payment methods > Choose new payment methods and follow the instruction on the screen

    The image above shows where to find the "Choose new payment methods" tab in the Back Office.

    If you have activated a credit card payment method, you need to activate at least on our Fraud Detection Modules. Go to Home and click on the "Activate Fraud detection module" link. Click on "YES" in the pop-up box.

    The image above shows where to find the "Activate Fraud detection module" link.

  5. Go to Home and click on the "Activate your account link". Click on "I ACCEPT THE GENERAL CONDITIONS".

This is it - Now can start using the account!

  • Are you stuck with the setup and/or activation of your test account? Contact us for help!
  • On the Home screen, you might see a message stating that you still have to configure "Your technical settings". You can safely ignore this

4. Use test account

Now that you have you account ready, you can finally use it!
Essentially, this means that you link your payment infrastructure/webshop to your test account. The best way to do is to implement one of our integration modes via

  • One of our SDKs
  • A plugin of your webshop provider

All our relevant documentations feature detailed instructions and working code samples to ease your integration efforts.
Make sure your solution

  • Targets the test endpoint for all your server requests
  • Implements the test credentials (PSPID, API key and API secret) in your source code
  • Uses our test cases and follows the instructions form the "Testing" tab for the respective payment product documentation

As soon as you are done testing, you can enroll for a live account.

5. Go live

If you want to start processing live transactions, contact us! We are glad to

  • Help you to seamlessly convert your test account into a production account
  • Make a contract offer that suits your business model

Make your business thrive with our flexible, versatile, and state-of-the-art solution!