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1. Introduction

Before you go live, you want to be sure about how our platform works and how to process feedback received for processed transactions.

As this is pivotal part in your journey to finally process live transactions,  we have designed Direct in a way allowing you to perform test transactions in manifold ways with any of our payment methods: 

  • Successful, declined and uncertain transaction results
  • Various 3-D Secure v2 scenarios
  • Fraud-related cases
  • Outcomes when using one of our specific services  

Without any costs involved, Direct offers you a great way to simulate any business case you might encounter in your activities!

Make sure to switch to the LIVE endpoint as soon as you have finalised your tests

2. Get started

Before you start testing, make sure you

  • Set up an active test account on our platform, with all the payment methods active you would like to test
  • Understand the properties presented in the tables below

    Input properties (values you need to send in your transaction request)
    Property Description
    amount Refers to property order.amountOfMoney.amount (CreateHostedCheckout/CreatePayment)
    currency Refers to property order.amountOfMoney.currencyCode (CreateHostedCheckout/CreatePayment)
    authorizationMode Refers to property cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.authorizationMode (CreateHostedCheckout/CreatePayment)
    If not specified, any value for properties




    are valid for any given scenario

    Output properties (values you receive from our platform after submitting a request)

    Properties Description

    Refers to property paymentOutput.cardPaymentMethodSpecificOutput.threeDSecureResults.eci (GetPayment/GetPaymentDetails)

    Learn more about ECI values and their meaning in our dedicated guide


    Refers to properties

    Learn more about these properties and which of our API calls return them in our dedicated guide 

3. Use test cards

Use any 3- or 4-digit number for the CVV on the Hosted Checkout Page / Hosted Tokenization Page or for cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput.card.cvv in Server-to-server requests

Credit Cards

Co-badged Cards

Alternative payment methods

4. Special use cases