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1. Introduction

In most cases, processing transaction via our platform will go through your webshop.
Our platform allows you to build your webshop or any other online storefronts in multiple ways:

  1. Build your infrastructure from scratch with PHP, .NET or any other framework
  2. Use the base framework of an opensource shopping cart platforms and build your own solution on top
  3. Use proprietary shopping cart solutions (which might require a license/subscription) with a prepackaged solution that fit your needs out of the box

If you choose 1., our SDKs offer you everything you need.

If you choose 2. or 3., we are happy to offer you plug and play solutions to kick start your online payments journey: our Plugins!
These Plugins act as a seamless link between your webshop and our platform.

They wrap our RESTful API effectively, allowing you to

  • save time on writing code yourself to build the integration
  • quickly and easily start accepting online payments directly on your webshop
  • manage transactions and refunds directly from your webshop
  • ensure that you have a reliable, compliant, and secure payment service
  • reduce complexity for your business
  • befenift from a solution certified by the given shopping cart platform

Let our expert show what our plugins have to offer to you:

Discover our plugins to get started right away:

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