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Our RESTful API and SDKs allow you to process transactions throughout different setups. This covers any payment method or service you would like to benefit from.

So where do you start? We advise you to reflect on how you want to link your webshop with our platform.

Consider these four factors for your choice:

  • Design control: How much control would you like to have on the look and feel of the payment page?
  • Ease of integration: How much effort does it take to link your webshop with our platform?
  • Compliance level: Can you manage sensitive data? Or should we handle it for you? Or something in between?
  • Payment methods: Which payment methods would you like to offer?

The table will help you find the integration mode that fits your needs. The rule of thumbs are:

  • Higher Design control = Higher Compliance burden and Lower ease of integration
  • Lower Design control = Lower Compliance burden and Higher ease of integration

You need more information? Contact us and we will make sure you have all your answers. 

Hosted Checkout Page Hosted Tokenization Page Mobile/Client Integration Server-to-server
In a nutshell

Redirect your customers from your checkout page to our platform for entering payment data. Modify the design of our secure payment page with your customised template.

Include an iFrame  payment form in your checkout page. We host the iFrame safely at our end, but you control its look and feel. The payment data entered by your customers is saved as a token, which you can use to make payments. Create your own app and we will help you
encrypt credit card data with our public key via our dedicated client SDKs. Send the encrypted data to us and we decipher it with a private key.
Use our service freely by handling the credit card data completely on your own. There are no limits to the design of your solution.
Design control Medium High Very high Very high
Ease of integration High Medium Low Low
Compliance level Low - SAQ A (14) Low - SAQ A (14) Medium - SAQ A (14) + Section 6 SAQ-D SAQ D (387)
Payment methods Built for all payment methods Built for all card payment methods Built for all payment methods Built for all payment methods
Do you need more information? Contact us and we will take care you will get all the information you need