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1. Introduction

Icons are a vital element for your customers' journey in your webshop.

They show your customers from with payment methods they can choose from and give your shop a visual stamp of security.
Using them will help you also increase your conversion rate!

Find a collection of logos in SVG format for our most popular payment methods we support in the subsequent chapters.
Right-click on the logo you wish to download and click on "Save image as...". You can also download all logos at once here.

Use at least a resolution of 64px and a maximum of 300px for every logo in your webshop. This will ensure the images are rendered optimally on any screen, including high resolution devices.

2. Get brand logos

If you are using our Hosted Checkout Page solution, your customers will process their payment in our secure environment. Use this logo to announce this step during your customers' journey. This will increase their trust in the whole payment process. 

3. Disclaimer

We regularly update this page with the latest versions of payment logos. However, we cannot always guarantee that they are up to date.

If you need additional logos or extensions, please contact the respective payment method provider.